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2 minute read | 9 years ago

Valentine’s Day Every Day

Photo of Laura Meherg By: Laura Meherg

More likely than not, you gave or received a valentine this weekend. It may have been wildly extravagant or the simplest of gestures, but regardless you made or were made to feel special, cared about, valued and loved. A couple I admire attributes the longevity and happiness of their 50-plus-year marriage to treating every day as Valentine’s Day. Does that mean they exchange cards, chocolates and flowers every day? Certainly not. But they try their best to make each other feel appreciated and special every day. 

The clients we interview consistently work with their favorite lawyers and law firms because of the “little things” those attorneys do that make them feel valued and demonstrate the investment in the relationship. With unprecedented competition, it’s even more important to nurture your client relationships all year long. Here’s what some of the clients we have recently interviewed say they love about working with outside counsel.

  • He makes it a priority to visit us personally, which is important to have that connection when everything is electronic today.
  • I love it when they send me a case, great article or presentation and highlight why I should care or be aware of the issue.
  • Attorneys who point out what may occur down the road that can possibly impact outcomes are invaluable.
  • He takes two to three extra minutes and writes a short case description in the body of the email. I’m managing 150 matters and can’t remember all of them, so that saves me the time it would take to look it up in my files. That makes my life easier.
  • I love when firms send us freebies because they were thinking of us. One of our firms just completed a 50-state chart and document for final paycheck requirements. They sent it to us knowing this would be of value to us.
  • I would love it if they sent me a one-page document of things we need to be aware about or scheduled a 30-minute call to discuss the regulations coming down the pike that will impact our business.
  • I love it when they help with my slides and presentations!

Just like your personal relationships, your client relationships require investment time. By spending time getting to know your clients, their preferences and opinions, you will better understand the specific challenges they are facing and be able to identify the little things that will make their lives easier and make them feel valued.