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Please take a moment from your busy day to think about the guidance in this short blogpost. Is courtesy part of your strategy? It may seem like a trite question, but muse on it. I love that word muse because as a verb it means to consider something, while as a noun it is a […]

I learned to appreciate that we are all very different at the hands of Steve Jobs. Long before I ever heard of iSpeak, Myers Briggs or DiSC, my family used to own some Indian restaurants in the Bay Area. One was in Stanford Shopping Center, and Steve Jobs ate lunch there alone every day. I […]

Letter from Bombay


Those of you that have read Shantaram would know of Leopold’s, the cafe from where I write. Here in the Colaba neighborhood of Bombay where I grew up, life is fast and slow all at once. At Leopold’s itself, there is an air of resilience married with a quiet hospitality that comes from being a business […]

TV Dinner


While many cultures have days and ceremonies for giving thanks, our uniquely American holiday is just around the corner. Gratitude is the killer happiness app, so it is no wonder I love the concept and traditions surrounding Thanksgiving. We all know how important storytelling is in the context of business development, and Thanksgiving is special […]

Thanks to Conference Co-Chairs Robin Gerard and Jonathan Fitzgarrald and a terrific Conference Committee, I had the opportunity to present in Los Angeles at the recent Legal Marketing Association West Region Continuing Marketing Education (“CME”) Conference. My discussion on happiness was decidedly different than the excellent presentations on topics such as business development, public relations, competitive […]

Fifty years ago, the Beatles decamped to Rishikesh, India, for a much-needed retreat. They had been touring continuously since “Love Me Do” hit the charts five years earlier. By 1968, the group’s interest in Indian spirituality and music had been growing. “Norwegian Wood” famously featured George Harrison on sitar. The band and their entourage slept in simple stone egg-shaped […]

Brent Adamson, Matthew Dixon and Nicholas Toman have analyzed over 700 unique business-to-business purchases and identified seven distinct customer profiles: Go-Getters. Motivated by organizational improvement and constantly looking for good ideas, Go-Getters champion action around great insights wherever they find them. Teachers. Passionate about sharing insights, Teachers are sought out by their colleagues for their […]

Particle physics and astronomy both attempt to understand our universe from two different vantage points: one immediate observations of the infinitesimally small, and the other grand-scale observations of ancient light and energy. Micro versus macro. On a macro level, quoting from the recent widely-read Open Letter from 25 General Counsel, “leaders of the legal profession […]

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