Access and Analyze client feedback data in a customizable, intuitive online portal
"We created this product to help clients make smarter decisions and anticipate client priorities by giving them the ability to analyze the voice of the client to deliver a greater, and differentiated, client experience."
- Nathaniel Slavin, Partner and Co-Founder, Wicker Park Group
Identify Relationship and Loyalty Drivers
Wicker Park Group's key client relationship drives are includedin ClienTELL to analyze and optimize your client feedback.
We have conducted thousands of client interviews to pinpoint drivers most indicative of client loyalty. These specific qualities and behaviors will reveal your firm's strengths and opportunities to improve client relationships and grow client loyalty. With ClienTELL, you can assess our firm's performance and compare the metrics to those of other firms.
Analyze Industry and Practice Trends
ClienTELL offers you a detailed picture of industry trends around client expectations, service, staffing, value adds and more.
The trends can be sorted and presented for select audiences and groups such as industry, practice group, office, client or lawyer. View marketplace trends over set periods of time and compare your firm to its competitors. See information in real time and look at historical comparisons to identity trend changes and areas of focus.
Value Compared With Other Law Firms
Access Detailed Demographics
One of ClienTELL's important differentiators is its incorporation of demographic data.
Client demographics include professional experience, gender, age, education, uears of experience, prior experience (both in house and with a firm) and more. With ClienTELL, sort your client feedback data through these demographic filters and gain unprecedented insights into the needs of specific client profiles.
Are you ready to gain greater insight and leverage it to strengthen your client relationships?