client loyalty institute agenda
Check-in + Light Breakfast
Introductions & Workshop Overview
morning session
Voice of the Client:
An overview of current client trends and the most common themes gleaned from thousands of feedback interviews with law firm clients including in-house counsel, business owners and company executives at every level. Learn what clients say differentiates law firms in a highly competitive marketplace
Communication Styles and Building Rapport:
After completing a pre-session questionnaire, participants learn to recognize prospect communication preferences and align their own communication styles with those preferences to build trust and rapport. I-Speak Your Language
DRIP Analysis (Decision Makers, Referral Sources, Influencers and Personal):
This session helps lawyers develop a systematic approach to business development through effective interaction with contacts. Participants categorize key contacts into four categories and then create focused action plans for the short and long term
afternoon session
Form Value to Invaluable:
Experience and skill might get lawyers in the door, but adding value is what makes them stand out. In this session, participants work in small groups to define specific, unique ways to add meaningful value to client relationships
Active Listening, Stories and Essential Questions:
We learn through stories. In this session, participants use active listening techniques to create simple stories that demostrate expertise while building relationships
Six Steps to Effective Meetings:
Participants will explore and practice a six-step meeting process, a valuable tool for uncovering client needs and developing trust. Session includes closing techniques (owning the process) and how to ask for business
The "Pitch":
Centered on an "active buy" scenario, this session focuses on ways to prepare for and lead a successful pitch for new work, including "the ask"
Regroup after afternoon session
Conclusion / closing remarks
Cocktail Reception