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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LMA Northwest Chapter Selects WPG to Present at Upcoming Event

The Wicker Park Group announced today that the Legal Marketing Association Northwest Chapter has selected Wicker Park Group’s Nat Slavin to present at an upcoming event entitled “Creating and Implementing a Client Service Interview Program” to be held March 8, 2012. We know that client satisfaction goes a long ways towards ensuring client loyalty — a much prized attribute in a competitive market. Client service interviews also make clients feel appreciated, encourages strong communication and demonstrates your firm’s willingness to listen to problems, accept constructive criticism and encourage other feedback which will help your attorneys better serve ALL clients, and sometimes even opens the door for new work in new areas. Slavin will lead the group in an interactive program that will provide practical tips for starting and implementing an effective client feedback program that will deliver desired and measurable results. This program will be hosted in Seattle at Foster Pepper Seattle and connected live with Portland via video-conference. Participants in both locations are welcome to interact with and ask questions of our speaker and be part of this important conversation.


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