Diverse Experience, Diverse Perspectives.

The team at Wicker Park Group draws on our diverse set of experiences to best meet our individual client needs. We listen to our clients every day and apply what we hear to every client relationship.


We are in the business of creating dramatic client loyalty.

When all is said and done, you will know what your firm’s clients value most and what drives them crazy, understand the opportunities ahead and any stumbling blocks in the way, gain competitive intelligence that can lead to more matters or explain a few things and have clear direction and support for deepening your relationships.

Here’s How.

Nothing provides more clarity than the voice of your client.

We practice what we preach and often obtain feedback from our clients on what we are doing well, how we can make their lives easier and where we can improve. Whether we have partnered with a firm on client feedback, industry insight, strategic direction, retreat messaging and presentations, client roundtables, marketplace assessment and trends or business development training, our clients’ goals and unique needs always come first.

We think ours speak volumes.

We collaborate with our clients every day in every way.

Every WPG client has different needs and goals. With each of our client relationships, we constantly evolve in how we serve those clients to meet their specific goals and needs. As we delve deeper into our client relationships innovative ideas natural occur.


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