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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tara Weintritt Named to NLJ’s Legal Business and Trailblazers & Pioneer List 

Wicker Park Group Partner Tara Weintritt is included in The National Law Journal 2013 Legal Business Trailblazers & Pioneers list published on December 16, 2013.

According to her profile, Weintritt started in legal marketing at Greenfield/Belser in the mid-1990s before going in-house at Miles & Stockbridge for more than 10 years to head the firm’s business development and marketing efforts. Collaborating with WPG’s Laura Meherg, then at Burr & Forman, Weintritt implemented one of the first meaningful in-house client feedback programs. In 2012, she joined Meherg and Nathaniel Slavin at Wicker Park Group. Weintritt led the program with the Chairman of Miles & Stockbridge for eight consecutive years and interviewed more than 100 different in-house counsel and executives during her tenure there.

“Lawyers are often focused on the ‘now’ and firms can find it challenging to align with a clear strategy or focus,” says Weintritt.  “Client feedback is powerful because it allows the client help drive the direction. No one can argue with the voice of client. When firms make client feedback and the implementation of the suggestions the fabric of the firm, it unites and aligns everyone involved. It takes the guessing out and provides a clear map for everyone to follow.”

Weintritt told the NLJ that she expects firms that embrace change will succeed and those who fight it will be left behind. “Firms will be able to take much greater care of their current clients by servicing them more thoughtfully and partnering in new ways,” says Weintritt.   “You can’t run a $100- $200- or $500 million dollar business without appreciating it is a business first. And businesses understand how valuable it is to have satisfied clients. So much effort is spent to gain new clients, but the care and feeding of current ones is critical.” 


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