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1 minute read | 11 years ago

Seven Secrets to Success: Introduction

Photo of Laura Meherg By: Laura Meherg

In a fascinating article in The New York Times Magazine I read that several educators across various socioeconomic backgrounds are trying to measure and improve the character of their students. The idea is that by improving character, particularly “performance character,” the students will be better prepared to face the challenges of college and adulthood. Based on the research of two psychology professors, the educators came up with a list of seven strengths that are most likely to predict life satisfaction and high achievement:

• Zest
• Grit
• Self-control
• Social Intelligence
• Gratitude
• Optimism
• Curiosity

Here’s the kicker: These seven indicators are also ingredients that will lead to success in client relationship management and business development. Each character strength feeds into how you relate to your clients, how you achieve desired results and how you manage all of the relationships around you successfully. Do you know how you measure up?

Over a series of blog posts, we are going to explore the meaning of each trait, ideas for improving your own performance character and how you can utilize these seven strengths within the world of client management. Stay tuned to learn more.