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1 minute read | 7 years ago

GC Shares Insights on Hiring Counsel, Business Pressures and More

Photo of Thames Schoenvogel By: Thames Schoenvogel

Wicker Park Group recently had the opportunity to speak with Doug Luftman, the Chief Innovation Officer and General Counsel at Lecorpio. He shared insights on what GCs are looking for from outside counsel and how to develop and strengthen those relationships.

Luftman said, “The most valuable thing is outside counsel being savvy about my business and having true empathy for the needs, business pressures and political dynamics that I navigate daily within my company. In-house counsel truly desire for outside counsel to be a reliable, integrated extension of their internal team.”

He also touched on how to develop new business: “Building a relationship with me in advance of pitching me work is critical. It’s not about merely calling me up, like other firms do when there is a new litigation, and asking for the work for the first time then. Rather, by building a long-term relationship, outside counsel is able to establish a more engaging dynamic with the client that resonates and motivates a prospective client to engage. When the time comes to find outside counsel for a matter, the client will instinctually know who he or she wants to work with on that new matter.”

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