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2 minute read | 6 years ago

Let Me Count the Ways…

Photo of Laura Meherg By: Laura Meherg

In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I decided to take a look at WPG client feedback reports from the past few months to see what clients say they really love about their law firm relationships. Clients really feel the love when their outside counsel are generous, insightful, adaptable, consistent, collaborative, fun to be around, thoughtful gift givers, entertaining storytellers, good communicators, creative, efficient, diverse, able to offer a wide range of services and recommended by someone they trust.

A few of the most telling “love” quotes:

This ain’t rocket science, but if you have some unique insight and feel you can share it, I would love it.

I love him but can’t say I love all his partners.

As much as I love him, he can’t be 40% more efficient than someone half his price.

Our board loves our partnership with the firm.

I would love to have them hire more diverse lawyers and keep them. We do care a lot about diversity and love and need to have options to send our work.

Would love to see and meet more women partners and people of color.

We certainly appreciate being invited to events and would love introductions to people and opportunities. Our law firms don’t usually do that, but we would welcome it.

I’d love them to come see us more. They are fun to hang out with. They are good people.

I love working with the team. There are tremendous people up and down the law firm. All the people I’ve worked with are knowledgeable, work hard and find a way to make deals happen. And they are great to hang out with.

I love wine, and the wine he sent was a very nice touch.

It stands out to me when I hear someone from a firm speak who has a really exciting story, even if it is not related to what we do. The story was presented so well with photos and great information, and everyone loved it. People like to be entertained or hear something really insightful.

I love the range of services available.

I chose the lawyer because of recommendations of startups that loved working with him.