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1 minute read | 3 years ago

Simple Ways to Network Amid the Pandemic

Photo of Tara Weintritt By: Tara Weintritt

Recent research from Harvard Business Review shows that our personal and professional networks have shrunk by almost 16% during the pandemic. For lawyers and firms, that presents not only a challenge to maintaining existing relationships but also a massive hurdle to developing business going forward.

The good news? It’s not difficult to reverse these pandemic networking trends. The HBR piece recommends using gratitude and requests for help to reconnect with peers and others. And this Forbes article offers 14 straightforward strategies for networking both online and offline during the pandemic.

Utilize the suggestions that best fit your strengths and your needs right now. Even tackling one outreach per week will make a big difference. The pandemic won’t last forever—even though it sometimes feels that way—and networking now will set you up for future success.