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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wicker Park Group and McMurdo Consulting Create Strategic Alliance

News Release 

Chicago – January 6, 2015 – Wicker Park Group (WPG), an international consultancy specializing in client feedback and business development strategy and training, is excited to announce a formal alliance with Kevin McMurdo of McMurdo Consulting. WPG’s collaboration with McMurdo adds a valuable resource to support the firm’s existing client base and enhances the WPG business development and client service training programs.

“Our alliance is a direct result of our client interview programs and the desire by lawyers to have great instruction and training to further strengthen the client relationship,” says Wicker Park Group Partner Nat Slavin. 

“Kevin’s deep understanding of what it takes to create loyal clients coupled with years of experience training and coaching lawyers allows him to provide practical instruction on how to more effectively develop and sustain long-lasting client relationships,” says Wicker Park Group Partner Tara Weintritt.

McMurdo brings decades of experience as a teacher, trainer and coach in the legal profession. Prior to law school, he taught communications at the collegiate level. During his career both in house and as a consultant, he has trained and coached hundreds of individual lawyers. He relaunched McMurdo Consulting in January 2014 after serving for 12 years as the Chief Marketing Officer of Perkins Coie, a national law firm of approximately 1,000 lawyers. 

“Kevin stands alone in the industry for his innovative and scenario-based approaches that help lawyers learn more effectively,” says Wicker Park Group Partner Laura Meherg. “Every law firm has a different culture, and Kevin’s ability to adapt to the unique environment and needs of each firm aligns perfectly with our one-size-fits-one approach to client service.” 

McMurdo’s experience will further add to WPG’s existing training programs, which include Client Team and Industry Group Training, Client Feedback Interview Training, Retreats and Workshops, Leadership Training and Client Service Training.

“Wicker Park Group enjoys an exceptionally strong position in the legal marketplace. The team’s ability to understand and uncover client needs is second to none,” says McMurdo, who is based in Seattle. “Together we look forward to providing the guidance that firms need to continue to strengthen relations with their clients while improving their overall client development performance.” 

McMurdo earned a BA from Chico State University in 1971 and an MA from the University of Iowa in 1972. A graduate of Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College, Portland, in 1985, McMurdo has been a member of the Oregon Bar since 1986.


About McMurdo Consulting:

Working with a select group of experienced teachers and coaches, McMurdo Consulting helps individual and groups of professionals—at all stages of their careers—focus their business development efforts, adopt successful business development habits and in the process uncover new business opportunities. For more information visit:

About Wicker Park Group: 

Wicker Park Group is dedicated to improving the relationships that firms have with their clients, primarily through client feedback interviews. Each Wicker Park Group partner and consultant has more than 15 years’ experience working with—or serving as—in-house counsel. They bring an insider’s perspective to how general counsel think and are able to uncover the unique factors that define a loyal, lasting client relationship.

Wicker Park Group presently works with a wide range of law firms, helping them improve client relationships to achieve measurable results via in-person, telephone and electronic online interviews. Clients include some of the world’s largest law firms as well as small boutiques and other professional service organizations. For more information visit:

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