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Firm Selection and Cross-Selling Capabilities

Firm Selection and Cross-Selling Capabilities in Today’s Marketplace

Wicker Park Group’s new white paper, “Firm Selection and Cross-Selling Capabilities in Today’s Marketplace,” analyzes data from  client interviews over the past five years to examine how hiring trends have shifted and provide insights into what drives firm selection and cross-selling opportunities. The paper includes:

  • The selection criteria that are “table stakes” versus differentiators
  • Data around the importance of rates and efficiency
  • How firms are failing to capitalize on cross-selling opportunities
  • Actionable best practices to increase your business by gaining new clients and cross-selling to current clients

As part of our core business at WPG, we interview clients on behalf of firms to determine the health of relationships, clients’ challenges and expectations, how they view their industries and much more. Taken together, these interviews provide a data-supported picture of emerging trends and shifting dynamics.



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