What's New, Jason Romrell, Former General Counsel, June 2011 was launched in 2003. The company has grown to over one hundred employees at the corporate headquarters, and includes an in-house call center staffed with local employees. is proud to support the local economy and does not outsource its call center or customer service departments. They are a leader in providing the insurance industry with a consistent high volume of the highest quality, targeted, real time insurance prospects in the form of data leads and Hot-Transfers in all lines of insurance.

Q: If you think about your best relationships with outside counsel over time, what are three important things other lawyers could learn from them?
A: 1. Be responsive and keep me informed. Treat me like I’m the best client you have. I know I’m not the only one you have, but I want to feel like I’m the most important. 2. Don’t be a “typical lawyer”. I’m a lawyer too so I know the excuses and billing “tricks”. Don’t play those games with me. 3. Give me more value than I’m expecting, whether it’s a discount, updates for free or superior work.

Q: And, of course, the follow-up: what are the top three things that lawyers could learn from your least successful relationships with outside counsel over the years?
A: 1. Don’t let days go by without returning my calls or emails. 2. Don’t sign me up by telling me what you think I want to hear, only to be unable to deliver. Give it to me straight and then outperform yourself! 3. Don’t over bill or pad your invoices…again, I’ve been an hourly-rate lawyer…I know these things happen.

Q: What’s the smartest thing a lawyer or a law firm has ever done for you outside of doing great legal work?
A: Random invitations to lunch or other events, which may very well be networking or business development, but are always friendly, personal and never include a “sales pitch”.

Q: Are there any client service or business development trends you’re seeing among law firms that you think are headed in the right direction?
A: Alternative fee arrangements are still a trend, although slow to get widespread traction.

Q: Are there other law firm trends that you’re seeing that you’d like to come to a screeching halt?
A: With some very large cases, there seems to be a disconnect amongst associates, which results in duplicate questions, lost answers and a feeling that there is no cohesiveness. Someone should understand how it all comes together and direct efforts accordingly.

Q: Have you ever fired a major provider of legal services or have you ever had internal suggestions that you should fire a major provider?
A: Only once, because they over-promised and under-delivered.

Q: Would it have been helpful if somebody other than the relationship partner proactively requested your feedback and then acted on it, perhaps annually?
A: Without question (emphasis being “acted on it”)!

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