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1 minute read | 10 years ago

The Happy Factor

Photo of Tara Weintritt By: Tara Weintritt

Is happiness key to building successful relationships and developing business? 

This is a relationship business. We have all heard the phrase hundreds of times. However, creating those relationships is easier said than done for a profession that attracts and/or creates introverts (57% of lawyers versus 25% of the general population) and praises thinkers (78% of lawyers versus 47% of the general population). You do not have to be an extrovert to build a relationship, but many see the two as deeply aligned.  

While they may have some connection, we believe an introvert can be just as successful as an extrovert at developing relationships (and business). We have had the privilege to work with many rainmakers, and many of those rainmakers have had very different personalities and communication styles. However, despite the differences, they tend to share one trait: They love what they do, or more simply, they are HAPPY.

This article, written a few years ago by a former practicing attorney in “Psychology Today,” is consistently a good one to review when struggling with business development. The title is “10 Things Happy People Do Differently,” but it could just as easily be called “10 Things Rainmakers Do Differently.”

 Take a look. This is a relationship business, and we all enjoy being around happy people.