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2 minute read | 9 years ago

5 Reasons to Work with a Business Development Coach

Photo of Kevin McMurdo By: Kevin McMurdo

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Everyone benefits from coaching. It’s rare to find any high achiever who doesn’t look to a coach for candor, reassurance and advice. Professional athletes, entertainers, CEOs and others at the top of their game often employ multiple coaches to stay fit and focused.

In a similar manner, individual business development coaching helps lawyers focus on strengths, fears, challenges and successes. Unlike group coaching, individual sessions offer the flexibility and confidentiality to explore capabilities and aspirations with candor and purpose.

There are many benefits to working with an individual business development coach. These are our top five:

  1. A well-crafted and personalized business development plan: You are much more likely to succeed in developing new business with a clear set of goals and strategies for achieving those goals

  2. Accountability: An individual coach will hold you accountable and help you get back on track when needed

  3. Access to a sounding board: A successful coach will also ask you the right questions, allowing for open, candid and confidential conversations that help you better perceive your own strengths and weaknesses

  4. Organization and priority: Structured sessions will allow you to best achieve both short-term and long-term goals. A coach will schedule sessions, provide summaries of meetings and keep track of next steps

  5. Fresh Ideas: A good coach will also bring fresh ideas and approaches to the table. The coach should be able to make connections and, when appropriate and requested, offer suggestions

It’s important to note the distinction between coaching and consulting. While consultants generally “tell” clients what to do, the best coaches help individuals make choices for themselves. Good coaches will have their opinions, yes, and are happy to share them. But leaving the final decisions to you is important to your ultimate success.

All coaches bring a personal style and approach to their sessions, and there are a number of excellent coaches working with lawyers. Find one that works for you and reach your full business development potential.


To learn more about our individual business development coaching, contact Kevin McMurdo at or 206.849.5358.