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1 minute read | 1 year ago

Onboarding and the Client Experience

Photo of Thames Schoenvogel By: Thames Schoenvogel

A signed engagement letter and an assessment of conflicts. For many firms, that is the client onboarding experience. But those firms are setting themselves up for misaligned client expectations and lost opportunities.

Client onboarding is an essential step towards delivering differentiated service and creating client loyalty.

Wicker Park Group’s Nat Slavin recently partnered with ALM’s Pro to create “Onboarding and the Client Experience.” This report details the key components of a successful onboarding process, including the most important questions to ask and how to provide the value adds that will demonstrate the firm’s investment in the client. Using real firm and client experiences, the report offers a roadmap for firms looking to build the foundation that will allow them to become trusted outside counsel.

The report is available exclusively on Pro.