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2 minute read | 9 years ago

Build Fierce Loyalty with your “Frequent Flyers”

Photo of Tara Weintritt By: Tara Weintritt

Before I traveled extensively for work, I ignored the pre-flight intercom banter of promotions for those flying as part of the airline’s frequent flyer program. On average, I flew less than a dozen times a year, some for work but mostly for leisure, and I always shopped by price and convenience to the location. Now that I travel for work extensively, I am a complete convert to the benefits of being part of an airline’s frequent flyer program. I receive tremendous value and experience unique client service for participating, and in return I am incredibly loyal, even sometimes willing to pay higher rates to stay with my preferred provider.

Read those words again:

  • Receive tremendous value

  • Experience unique client service

  • Become incredibly loyal

  • Willing to pay higher rates in some circumstances

Let’s park the “willing to pay higher rates” and focus on the first three phrases. Those are the experiences almost every law firm today is trying to deliver to their most valued clients and relationships, and they are the same three themes we probably hear most frequently in client feedback.

Now those of us that fly frequently understand that the “client service” from airlines has room for improvement. However, most of us would agree that the benefits of being a frequent flyer far outweigh the benefits of using a variety of airlines. Many law firms we work with have key account programs or are in the process of launching/improving client teams. Even more are laser focused on delivering better client service, but many firms are still struggling with how to deepen and improve their relationships with current clients. Is it possible we can take a page from the airlines or hospitality reward programs and create greater loyalty and client service for our most valued clients?

As you look to launch or improve your next key client initiative or client service program, consider using some best practices from the airlines:

  • Offer “most frequent” clients clear and defined benefits when they spend a certain threshold with you

  • When “weather or storms” delay service, provide a line or contact person they can call to help expedite the situation

  • Think about what an “upgrade” would look like for your most valued clients

  • Catalogue your clients’ preferences (food, communication, charities, vacation spots) and share those with key team members

  • Provide a welcome packet for these key account contacts when they are visiting one of your offices (access keys, Wi-Fi codes, snacks, person to contact, warm welcome by name at check in)

  • Promise an annual client visit or call to ensure they are pleased with the service and obtain ideas on how the process could be improved

There are so many ways law firms can improve client service and in turn improve client loyalty by implementing some best practices from frequent travel programs. Determine which ones work best for your firm and prepare for takeoff!