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Client Feedback, Service & Teams
1 minute read | 4 years ago

Podcast: How to Gather Feedback and Create Loyalty Within Your Clients for a Better Experience

Photo of Thames Schoenvogel By: Thames Schoenvogel

Wicker Park Group Partner Nat Slavin recently had the opportunity to talk with Chase Williams and Ryan Klein about client feedback and loyalty on the Legal Mastermind podcast.

They discussed several topics including:

  • What leads a firm to seek client feedback
  • How to approach client feedback, including in today’s challenging environment
  • Actionable tips for attorneys to increase client loyalty
  • Setting up the client feedback process

As Nat says: “For law firms that are trying to make the best possible business decisions and eke out anything resembling a competitive advantage, if you don’t know what your client is going to be doing next, what’s top of mind, what they will be worried about for the next six month and even what their internal pressure are, how can you deliver service? Otherwise you are just an order taker. I don’t mean to make light of the value that lawyers provide in terms of the legal work product, but [loyalty comes from] those relationships that are built around: ‘My client anticipates these three things to be their biggest challenges, and I know I can be additive and helpful in making their life easier along the way on a few of these.’ That’s what drives client loyalty.”

He also notes: “I think authentically if you ask leaders in firms, they would say, ‘We do client feedback all the time.’ But there’s a big difference between asking a client how they are doing on a matter and getting deep into the relationship at multiple levels and really understanding what those client needs are.”

Listen to the full podcast here.