UPDATED: Training Programs for 2021-22

UPDATED: Training Programs for 2021-22

Wicker Park Group has conducted hundreds of training sessions for small and large firms with audiences of varying interests and needs. We include timely insights and customized content with participant involvement to create engaging sessions that are practical and add value to client relationships. Participants consistently tell us of the real benefits they gain from our training sessions.

Training programs are based around these different themes: Client Service, Client Feedback and Business Development/Client Growth.

Session Topics:


What Else We Do:

Client Experience Training

Client Feedback Interviews

Client & Industry Teams Support

Client Conversations


Client Relationship Roadmap

Competitive Intelligence & Internal Evaluation

Electronic Survey

Matter Assessments & Evaluations

Meeting Facilitation

Speaker Series & Retreats

Workshops: Business Development & One-On-One Coaching Services


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